Full Time

Salary: Rs. 180000/-

Positions: 200+

Jobs In Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) 2021

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Job Details:

Punjab Information Technology Board Requires Following Staff

Jobs In Punjab Information Technology Board Lahore…

Sr No.Position TitleAge (years)QualificationsMin ExperienceLocation
1Incharge Noc
Data Center (DC)
20-5516 years1 YearLahore
2.Assistant Programme Officer (Operations)20-4516 years1 yearLahore
3.Programme Manager (Operations & Implementation)20-4516 years5 YearsLahore
4Programme Officer (Network System Engineer)20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
5Programme Officer (QA)20-4516 Years2 yearsLahore
6Programme Officer (Share Point / Front End)20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
7UC Administrator20-4516 Years1 yearLahore
8Assistant Programme Manager20-4516 Years3 YearLahore
9Programme Officer20-3516 Years2 YearsLahore
10Assistant Programme Officer (Operations)20-4516 years1 yearLahore
11Joint Director (Technical)25-5516 years10 yearsLahore
12Programme Manager (Android / IOS Developer)20-4516 years5 yearsLahore
13Progamme Manager (Operational)20-4516 years5 yearsLahore
14Programme Manager (QA)20-4516 Years5 yearsLahore
15Programme Manager (Technical)20-4516 Years5 YearsLahore
16Programme Officer (Mobile Application Development Android20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
17Programme Officer (Mobile Application Development  IOS)20-4516 yeas2 yearsLahore
18Programme Officer (Technical)20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
19Project Director25-5516 years12 YearsLahore
20Senior Programme Manager (Operations)20-4516 years7 yearsLahore
21Assistant Programme Officer20-4516 years1 yearLahore
22Joint Director20-5016 years10 yearsLahore
23Programme Manager20-4516 years5 yearsLahore
24Programme Officer20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
25Assistant Program manager20-4516 years3 YearsLahore
26Assistant Programme Officer  (Operations)20-4516 years1 yearLahore
27Senior Software Engineer (Customization & Support)20-4516 years3 yearsLahore
28Programme Manager20-4516 years5 yearsLahore
29Programme Officer20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
30Programme Officer20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
31Ai/ ML Specialist20-4516 years3 yearsLahore
32Data Entry Operator20-4512 years1 yearLahore
33IT Associate20-4516 years1 yearLahore
34Network Support Officer20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
35Programme Officer20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
36Social Media Officer20-4516 years2 YearsLahore
37Data Entry Operator/Computer Operator18-4512 Years0 yearsLahore
38Programme officer20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
39Software Developer20-4516 years1 yearLahore
40Additional Project Director20-5516 years10 yearsLahore
41Programme Officer20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
42DC Support officer/network Support Officers – DC20-3516 years2 yearsLahore
43Programme Manager (Data Center)20-4016 years5 yearsLahore
44Senior DC / Network Support Officer20-3516 years3 yearsLahore
45Programme Network Manager20-4516 years5 yearsLahore
46Database Administrator20-4516 years1 yearLahore
47Programme Manager20-4516 years5 yearsLahore
48Technical Content Writer20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
49IOS Mobile App Developer23-4516 years1 yearLahore
50Principle Software Engineer20-4516 years4 yearsLahore
51Programme Officer (O&M)20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
52Senior Graphics Designer20-4516 years5 yearsLahore
53Senior Mobile App Developer20-4516 years3 yearsLahore
54Senior Quality Assurance Engineer20-4516 years3 yearsLahore
55Senior Software Engineer20-4516 years3 yearsLahore
56Senior Software Engineer (Data Science)20-4516 years3 yearsLahore
57Programme officer20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
58Assistant Programme Officer20-4516 years1 yearLahore
59Project Coordinator20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
60Network Support Engineer20-4516 years1 yearLahore
61Programme manager20-4516 years5 yearsLahore
62Programme Officer20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
63Senior Software Engineer20-4516 years3 yearsLahore
64Data Entry Operator20-4514 years1 yearLahore
65Assistant Librarian – Toba Tek Singh25-4016 years1 yearLahore
66District IT, coordinator20-4016 years5 yearsLahore
67District  IT Coordinator20-4016 years5 yearsLahore
68Operations Support Officer20-3516 years1 yearLahore
69Subject matter Expert Criminal Justice20-3516 years3 yearsLahore
70Subject Matter Expert (Data Analysis)25-3516 years3 yearsLahore
71Subject matter Expert Psychologist25-3516 years3 yearsLahore
72Assistant Manager HR20-4516 years4 yearsLahore
73Sr. Front Desk officer20-4516 years3 yearsLahore
74Facilitation Assistant18-4516 years0 yearsLahore
75Front Desk Officer18-4516 years2 yearsLahore
76Manager Electrical20-4516 years5 yearsLahore
77Manager Mechanical & HVAC20-4516 years5 yearsLahore
78Network Support Officer25-4516 years1 yearLahore
79Programme manager20-4516 years5 yearsLahore
80Programme Officer20-4516 years2 yearsLahore
81Senior Programme Manager20-4516 years7 yearsLahore

interested Candidates can apply and view eligibility Critera and job Descriptions on https://www.jobs.punjab.gov.pk

Punjab Information Technology Board
Punjab Information Technology Board

This Jobs Ad was first Published in Jang Newspaper (27-11-2021)

Job Information

Prefer Gender

Male and Female




1 Year


Max 55 Years

Salary Package

Rs. 180000/-

Last Date


Skills Required

Computer and IT

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