Full Time

Salary: Attractive

Positions: 04

Senior Management Jobs In Oil & Gass Sector

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Full Time

Salary: Attractive

Positions: 04

Senior Management Jobs In Oil & Gass Sector

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Job Description

Our client, a Large Public Listed Company and a player in the Oil & Gass sector is seeking to induct dynamic and qualified professionals on the following senior management positions:

1. Senior General Manager IT

Job Requirements

As per Company policy:

Must have an in-depth knowledge of the functions of the different departments of the

Must have in-depth knowledge of the challenges of the oil & gas industry and its regulatory

Must possess ample experience in strategic planning and execution, formulating policies,
and Standard Operating Procedures.

Knowledge of negotiating and contracting.

Skill in examining and re-engineering operations and procedures. Ability to manage
resources optimally.

Ability to analyze and interpret financial data.

Must have the ability to exercise stringent financial control.

Must be a self-motivated individual who is willing to take ownership of diverse assignments
and responsibilities and simultaneously manage several projects effectively.

Ability to motivate, coach, and inspire teams

Should possess strong analytical skills, communication and presentation skills, project management skills, leadership and managerial skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving
skills and strategic planning skills.

Must be an ‘Out of Box’ thinker.

Education & Experience Requirements

MCS or Engineering Graduate (16 years of education), in Computer or related field with 17 years of experience including 5 years experience in leadership positions. Age must
not exceed 52 years.

Travel & Physical Requirements

Work requires the willingness to work stretched hours when required.
Work requires extensive traveling throughout the country.

2. Senior General Manager –Procurement & Inventory Management

Job Summary:

To act as the Head of the P&IM Division, to oversee the departments under the division. Liaise and head with key company employees to determine their product and service needs.

Develops and implements strategies for procuring, storing, and or services and maintaining stock levels.

Core Duties

Responsible for all Procurement & Inventory Management activities from demand forecasting to the delivery of material and services complying with all applicable laws and rules including public procurement rules and import policy.

Review and revamp the procurement and stores functions ensuring timely and sustainable supply chain of goods and services and reducing procurement cycle
and cost.

Develop key performance indicators for concerned departments and individuals
and ensure performance targets are achieved.

Define and manage key supplier relationships to deliver breakthrough
performance in cost, service & quality.

Provide specialist advice, guidance & service on leading procurement practices

To ensure succession planning by identifying, developing, and maintaining the pool of successors for key positions within the division/department.

Foster and encourage continuous learning and development culture and encourage continuous education at all levels within the division/department.

Government /Regulators /BOD

To attend presentations and meetings regarding PPRA & Procurement.

To attend Board Meetings and Committee Meetings

Education & Experience Requirements

Engineering or Management Graduate (16 years of education), with 17 years of post-qualification

experience including 5 years experience in senior management/leadership role. Experience of
working in Oil & Gas / Public Sector shall be preferred.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

Should possess strong leadership, planning, and multi-tasking skills

A good grasp of the latest developments in the areas of the oil & gas industry and related

Ability to develop financial plans and manage resources optimally

Ability to develop and deliver presentations

Work requires professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.

Ability to communicate and interact with officials at all levels and various government

Ability to motivate teams and simultaneously manage several diverse projects
Travel & Physical Requirements

Willingness to work a flexible schedule

Work requires extensive traveling throughout the country

3. Senior General Manager- Health Safety Environment & Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Job Summary:

To ensure that the Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Management System is established, implemented maintained, and monitored in accordance with the requirements of  International/National standards and specifications related to the gas industry.

To promote Quality and HSE-conscious culture throughout the company.

Undertake active involvement with management and with the stakeholders to ensure the highest levels of communication and support are provided.

Core Duties

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Provide a Leadership role in the development and periodic review / up-dation of HSE policies and procedures to integrate into the HSE Management system.

To communicate and coordinate with the senior management and HSE Zones for effective
functioning of the HSE program.

Monitor compliance and evaluate practices, procedures, and facilities to analyze and manage risk by adhering to applicable laws and standards.

Responsible to plan and organize HSE-related training including HSE passport and monitor
effectiveness through a robust feedback mechanism

Monitor compliance to policies and laws by inspecting employees, equipment, and operations.

Plan and ensure monitoring/inspection of pipeline construction, maintenance, rehabilitation jobs, and implementations of SOPs in true spirit in coordination with Distribution & Transmission

departments to reduce UFG.

Spearhead activities in order to timely reporting / investigate accidents, Near-miss, HOC reporting, and recommend corrective measures to prevent a recurrence.

Maintain and regularly update HSE statistics/dashboard with all relevant data, information, and documents with its effective communication to all stakeholders.

Initiate programs to Inculcate safety awareness in employees throughout the organization by
applying risk-based approach for operational controls.

Motivate Leadership team for leading by example and participate in HSE Leadership board to
demonstrate visible HSE commitment.

Coordinate with all zones for Emergency Management Plans and assist them to keep updated plans and train them to maintaining the Site Emergency Plans & Procedures.

Organize and Lead the HSE campaigns for gas leakage, Electrical Hazard, Working at Height,
Housekeeping and Pilferage hunting and Leak Detection campaigns

Manage Loss prevention teams and organize zonal LPT meeting to prevent incidents and losses and encourage employees on outstanding HSE contributions.

To ensure compliance to the regulatory legislation and operational standards in accordance with ASME, ISO, API, NFPA standards, and OGRA requirements.

Work closely with IT and other functions for complete digitization of HSE documents and data in addition to periodic HSE Scorecard and performance trend monitoring.

Design and Lead fitness to work & wellbeing programs to improve the health & fitness of employees.

To ensure ISO/OHSAS certifications are maintained by planning and organizing audit cycles

Responsible to develop and pursue approvals for Revenue and Capital Budgets of the department in line with Strategic goals of the organization.

To implement/monitor and track YTD-approved budgets of the department.

To supervise, coach, guide, and develop the resources of operations keeping succession
planning in view.

To ensure succession planning by identifying, developing, and maintaining a pool of
successors for key positions within the division/department.

Foster and encourage continuous learning and development culture and encourage
continuous education at all levels within the division/department.


Responsible to strengthen & enhance Quality function as envisaged by Senior Management/ BOD

Ensure only compliant products are delivered to users by establishing effective controls at all levels for meeting specifications and formal surveillance plan and process covering Flawless Delivery.

Provide support to user departments in developing and revising specifications for material and processes in addition to professional delivery, aligned objectives, and respectful relationships.

Establishing Technical requirements for material and monitoring their compliance in addition to imposing penalties on suppliers and contractors as per the matrix in case of quality violations.

Ensure implementation of proper checks & control for inspection of material as per plan.

Lead the processes throughout fabrication and commissioning stages and review inspection
findings, corrective action implementation, and maintain tracking registers.

Work closely with procurement to establish quality requirements from external suppliers

Manage inspection activities by ensuring competencies of inspectors and assigning inspectors and Leads to attend witness and hold points as required as per criticality and identified risks.

Define quality procedures in conjunction with operations staff and review existing policies and processes and make suggestions for its improvements and implement them.

Develop inspection and quality assurance standards for processes and work procedures.

Organize cross-functional quality meetings in addition to contractor and suppliers’ periodic
performance review meetings and events to give feedback to contractors after their audits.

Manage contractors professionalization projects by leading the contractor’s development program to make sure all contractors & sub-contractors have updated quality documents and plans.

Integrate and implement ISO 9001 standards for quality management throughout the organization.

Establish a modern QA Lab fulfilling the organization’s current and futuristic requirements.

Design training calendar and organize training on various Quality Management systems & Tools.

Plan & arrange an inspection and audits to identify gaps in construction/rehabilitation and connection activities leading to UFG and monitor compliance against nonconformities and maintain records.

Deal with all HR related issues/matters of the department as per company policy

Responsible to streamline administrative issues through effective Management skills

Government/ Regulators/BOD

To coordinate with OGRA and other related bodies on regulatory matters when required.

To ensure implementation of the policies, procedures, and regulations

To ensure implementation of the policies and decisions of the HSE Committee/Higher

To ensure action items are addressed as per the requirements of BOD HSE Committees/
Management and HSE Steering Committee.

Education & Experience Requirements

Engineering Graduate or Masters in Physical Sciences with 17 years of post-qualification experience

including 5 years experience in senior management/leadership role in HSE and QA/QC. Candidates additionally having Masters in Business Administration and/or NEBOSH International Diploma and relevant Quality and HSE experience are encouraged to apply and will be preferred.

Age must not exceed 52 years.

Knowledge & Skill Requirements

Professional Quality and HSE Certifications will be preferred.

Sound knowledge of gas distribution & Transmission operations.

Very Good experience in HSE & QA requirements developing and monitoring for contractors.

Hands-on experience working with API, ASME, ASTM standards, and OGRA regulations.

Sound understanding of HSE &QA legislative and regulatory requirements

Able to prioritize and handle multiple tasks at the same time.

Excellent verbal / written communication and presentation Skills

Must be familiar with MS Office, PowerPoint, and working experience on Quality & HSE software.

Lead Auditor for ISO systems such as ISO-9001, ISO-45001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001
Management System or similar Management System Standard.

Innovative and continual improvement mindset to initiate improvement projects for UFG reduction

Effective problem identification and problem-solving skills

Ability to develop and monitor departmental KPI/goals

Travel & Physical Requirements

Work requires the willingness to work a flexible schedule

Work requires extensive traveling

4. General Manager-Medical Service (Chief Medical Officer)

Job Summary

The position requires managing the provision of health care services to all Employees of the
organization and developing and implementing medical services initiatives while ensuring that standards, protocols, leadership, and direction are in place to provide the highest quality of care possible.

Responsible for directing, supervising, and evaluating medical services and related personnel, upgrading existing medical care standards, providing management leadership and coaching to all medical and related staff employed at clinic sites, creating awareness for preventable illnesses through counseling employees /wellness programs for disease prevention and monitoring of physician/facility performance in accordance with approved protocols.

Core Duties

Direct, supervise and evaluate the provision of Medical Services and related personnel within
the Company and monitor the use of diagnostic services, facilities, and staff to ensure effectiveness and optimization of resources and quality of care provided.

Plan and implement programs and services of all Company maintained health care facilities
within the franchise area including personnel administration, training, and coordination of
medical staff.

To carry out Implementation of health policies and procedures ensuring transparency and accountability for all services by use of strict financial and procedural checks at all levels.

To ensure disease prevention and health promotion through health awareness programs,
early detection and timely intervention thus reducing morbidity and mortality.

Promote, restore and maintain health by use of acceptable and affordable technology,
easy access to care, reduced waiting time, and increase the span of healthy life.

To ensure effective, efficient, and cost-effective care by uniform disease protocol and
optimal use of in-house resources e.g in-house consultants /baseline investigations /clinic

Responsible for growth and development of all doctors to remain abreast with new guidelines thus reducing treatment variation based on scientific knowledge, new concepts, and paradigm shift in treatment strategies.

Ensuring transparency of all medical functions through automation and regular review of MIS focuses on areas requiring change / Improvement.

Responsible for implementation of Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQl) and Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY) programs for all employees within the organization.

Responsible for carrying out periodic analysis of trends in physician performance with regard to cost-effective treatment, timely risk stratification for patients, updating and accuracy of chronic disease database, and a number of screenings and surveys for primary
prevention purposes.

Ensure implementation of a stepwise standardized approach to be adopted by all physicians within the organization in order to maintain the quality of care provided to patients including medical audit of doctors to ensure compliance with provided protocols for chronic disease management.

Monitoring and approval of referral to panel facilities for further specialized treatment, prognosis, surgery, or diagnostic tests, if considered necessary in accordance with the approved criteria & procedures.

To carry out inspection of health care facilities maintained by the organization and recommend building or equipment modification to ensure emergency readiness and compliance to access, safety, and sanitation regulations.

Effective monitoring and control over all administrative services including outside panel services, timely billing, housekeeping, ER and ambulance services, and optimal utilization of In-house advanced services, technology thus obtaining quality care in a cost-effective manner.

To ensure succession planning by identifying, developing, and maintaining the pool of successors for key positions within the division/department.

Foster and encourage continuous learning and development culture and encourage
continuous education at all levels within the division/department.

Education & Experience Requirements

MBBS with MCPS 14 years of experience. Having an FCPS or FRCP or Board Certifications
will be given added advantage.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

Certification of clinical skills / licensed ALS (Advanced Life Support /Basic Life Support)
provider )

Must have in-depth knowledge of the latest developments in medical innovation and industry

Must have strong analytical and troubleshooting skills

Work requires professional written and verbal communication skills

Work requires strong leadership and interpersonal skills

Travel and Physical Requirements

Work requires the willingness to work a flexible schedule

Work requires extensive traveling for visits and monitoring of clinic locations

How To Apply?

Interested Candidates May visit our Website www.sidathyder.com.pk/careers for detailed job descriptions and apply online within 15 days of the publication of the advertisement as per givenSenior Management Jobs In Oil & Gass Sector instructions or apply via email clearly mentioning the positions applied for.


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